Catnip Oil Infused Cat Bath Wipe - Ships Free!


  • Product Description

      Whyte Gate's exclusive formula contains catnip, an ingredient known to elicit a positive response from most cats. After a couple of uses, your cat will look forward to being wiped with Whyte Gate's Catnip Oil infused Cat Bath Wipes.  Make cat bath time a hassle free experience!

      Bath wipe will leave your cat clean, smelling fresh, reduce dander and other allergens, decrease loose hairs and hairballs, and keep your cat's coat soft and lustrous.  

      Product Features

      • Safe for your pet, no petroleum derived ingredients & paraben free

      • Durable, large size wipe allows only one wipe per use

      • Biodegradable & Flushable 

      • Made in USA

      All Natural ingredients include:

      Catnip Oil
      Certified Organic Aloe Vera
      Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
      Vitamin E
      Chamomile Extract
      Yucca Extract
      Vegetable Lanolin 
      Coconut Derived Surfactants

      Pull one wipe through top of container.  Wipe your pet from top of head to tail.  Repeat as necessary with same wipe.  Fluff or brush coat when dry.  Safe for daily use.  Recommended use is 2-3 times per week, or as needed.  Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, or inside of ears.  
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