Bed Bug Zapper™ - 24 oz. 6 Pack



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Our natural, pesticide-free spray kills Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, and Fleas on contact – even Pesticide Resistant Bed Bugs!  No artificial ingredients so it’s safe to use in your home around children and pets.  

Bed Bug Zapper™ is also oil free, so it’s non-staining and unscented.  Easy to use, simply spray onto surface or add to washer and allow to work. 

Guaranteed or we'll refund your money.  Over 1 Million Units Sold! 

For more detailed bed bug treatment information, see our Bed Bug Treatment Guide.  

Previously Manufactured for Say Bye Bugs

Consult our Buying Guide to identify the appropriate quantity for your living space.

Bed Bug Zapper™ is oil free so it’s non-staining and unscented. Safe to use on carpets, bedding, pillows, headboards, linens, box springs, water-safe furniture, sealed floors, virtually any water safe surface, and in crevices and cracks where pests can easily hide. 

Shake well before using.  Spray a light mist onto surface where Bed Bugs or other pests are found or thought to be.   Dead bugs can be vacuumed, wiped or laundered away.  Best results are obtained when used regularly.  See Bed Bug Guide for comprehensive treatment instructions.

Simply spray article to be washed and then launder in usual manner or add 2 ounces directly to wash cycle.  Best results are obtained by using hot water if item being washed allows. Check manufacturer’s label for proper washing instructions. 


  6% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  1.5% Sodium Chloride

  0.2% Citric Acid




  Sodium Benzoate

  Potassium Sorbate


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