Whyte Gate, Inc.

Get to Know Us

Whyte Gate, Inc. was founded in January 2004 primarily as a private label manufacturer of household & industrial cleaners, pet products, and natural Pest control products.  We are a 3rd party certified woman owned business enterprise that develops, blends and fills our own formulas.  Our co-owner and chemist has 10 patents to his credit.  The co-owners each have over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing.  What does this all mean for you?

High quality, innovative  products delivered to your door without a middle-man mark up.  

Whyte Gate, Inc. is now offering its products direct to the consumer.  We have sold close to 1 million units of natural Bed Bug killers to 3rd parties over the past 10 years alone.   Our Bed Bug Zapper™ product is our new and improved version that has double the main active ingredient as before.  All of this at lower prices than our competition.  How is that possible?  We are not a middle man that buys from a manufacturer marks it up then has to ship it to a fulfillment center that in turn charges to store and ship the product.  We develop, manufacture and ship all out of our 40,000 square foot facility and pass the savings along to you – the consumer.

Our goal is to provide you, the consumer with innovative products that truly work at fair prices saving you time and money. 

To create, manufacture and deliver state of the art products that exceed your expectations.  To use natural, renewable ingredients whenever possible.  To use recyclable packaging whenever possible.  To make your buying experience as amazing as we can.  To source and use ingredients and materials that are Made in the USA whenever possible.