NSU Library closes for bed bug treatment following student report

NSU Library closes for bed bug treatment following student report

Austin Headlee with Tahlequah Daily Press reports that Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK had to close their library on Friday, November 30th for bed bug treatment after a student reported 4 days earlier that they had found a bed bug in their backpack while at the facility.  

The article touches on an important issue - embarrassment as a factor hindering timely resident reporting of bed bugs.  There's a lingering stigma around bed bugs.  Many believe that if they find a bed bug at home that others will think they're unclean or won't want to spend time around them. 

If you find a bed bug at home, it's important to promptly begin treatment if you own the property or report to your property manager as soon as possible.  Until treatment is complete, it's helpful to keep in mind that while you've had to educate yourself on bed bugs and best practices for minimizing their spread, friends, family members, and colleagues likely haven't, and they may be fearful.  We recommend helping educate those in your life about bed bugs and the measures you're taking to ensure they don't hitchhike with you.  And be patient with others as they may feel uneasy having you over to their home or visiting you until you have the 'all clear'.  




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