Disneyland Hotel Misadventure: Woman 'Butchered' by Bed Bug Bites

Photo by Leighann Renee on Unsplash
Walt Disney Co., Disney Parks and Resorts, and Disneyland Hotel have been sued by Ivy Eldridge for emotional and physical damage according to Michael Bartiromo of Fox News and the Los Angeles Times

Ms. Ivy Eldridge allegedly suffered bed bug bites while staying at the Anaheim Disneyland Hotel in April of 2018.  Ms. Eldridge and her family had hoped to have a fun-filled vacation in Disneyland.  However, the alleged bed bug infestation put a halt to their plans.  A spokesperson for Disney stated, "We welcome millions of guests at our hotels and these occurrences are extremely rare."

Since bed bug infestations aren't a symptom of uncleanliness even five star hotels are susceptible.  Keep yourself safe with these travel tips to prevent unwanted hitchhikers, including keeping Bed Bug Zapper handy.


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