Your Ultimate Guide to Washing Dishes

How to Wash Your Dishes

Step-by-Step Process to Clean Your Dishes

My kids will laugh when they read this – the first step is to rinse your dish!  So many times my kids will leave a dish on the counter.  It is much easier to wash a dish that has been rinsed or left to soak. Dried food makes the job much harder.  

Your next step is to wash your dishes or cutlery with an excellent dish soap.  I recommend Whyte Gate Farms Natural Dish Detergent.

After your dishes have been rinsed or were left to soak, then its time to wash the dishes with soap.  Please use a fresh sponge.  An old or moldy sponge will not clean your dishes.  Squeeze out about a nickel size amount of Whyte Gate Farms Natural Dish Soap on to your clean sponge.  Spray some water onto the sponge to activate the soap, then wipe your dish with the soapy sponge. 

If you are dealing with an item that has dried on or baked on food, then your first step will be scrubbing the food off with either a steel wool pad or scouring pad.  Once the food has been scrubbed, then you can wash the dish with a soapy sponge. 

After washing the dish, bowl, or cutlery then its time to rinse with clean water.  Please rinse until all of the soap and food has been removed. 

Next, you may air dry your dishes. Leave them to dry on your counter or in your dish rack.  If you would like to put away your dishes quickly, then you can dry your dishes using a clean kitchen towel.  That’s it! The ultimate guide to washing dishes.

About Whyte Gate's Dish Soap

Some benefits of shopping with Whyte Gate include:

  • Purchasing directly from a USA manufacturer - support local goods! 
  • Using ingredients that are safe for our planet 
  • Supporting a woman-owned company

Other Kitchen Essentials

We all want clean dishes and we all want clean fruits and vegetables. Whyte Gate Inc. also manufactures a Fruit and Vegetable Wash. All fruits and vegetables purchased anywhere are dirty. You wouldn’t eat a donut with dirt on it, however we often don’t think twice before biting into an apple purchased at the store. The apple from the store most likely has pesticides and other dirt on it. It is absolutely essential that we clean our fruit and vegetables. 

Simply spray the Fruit and Veggie Wash onto your fruit or vegetable.  Rub with your hands to loosen the dirt.  And then rinse well.   

You can purchase our natural dish soap and fruit and veggie wash with free shipping today! 


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