Travel and Bed Bug Prevention

Travel and Bed Bug Prevention

With the rise of bed bug incidences in travel accommodations, travelers are becoming more aware and savvy about bed bugs.  With minimal planning and time, you can save yourself the headache of dealing with a home infestation.    

Start by collecting a Bed Bug Packing Kit, and fortunately many of these items are generally useful to have on hand while on the road:


-Sealable plastic laundry bag

-Travel size Bed Bug Zapper™

When you arrive at your accommodation, place suitcase in bathtub and inspect bed and luggage rack for bed bugs.  Start with the bed and use flashlight to look for bed bugs, their eggs, molted skins, and/or fecal spots.  Use our Bed Bug Signs guide for additional detail.  Be sure to investigate all edges, corners, and seams of both sides of the mattress, box spring and bed frame.  The luggage rack is an often overlooked item and is important to search as well.  Ideally, do not use the dresser provided and keep non-hanging items in your suitcase on the luggage rack you've inspected.  

During your stay, place dirty laundry in the sealable plastic laundry bag you've brought.    

If you find evidence of bed bugs and can be transferred to a new accommodation, that's ideal; however, we understand that sometimes alternate accommodations on short notice can be nearly impossible to obtain.  If this is the case, treat all sleeping areas with Bed Bug Zapper™ (follow label instructions for use) and take comfort knowing that bed bugs do not transmit disease and a home infestation can be prevented using the steps below or reference our comprehensive Bed Bug Guide.

Ultimately, whether you found bed bugs or not, it's best practice when returning home to do the following to ensure you haven't brought any hitchhikers home:

  Wash your clothing on the highest temperature the fabric can withstand with 2 oz of Bed Bug Zapper™ per load and then place items on highest dryer setting fabric will allow for a minimum of thirty minutes 

  For small non-washable items such as shoes, purses, etc. wipe with a damp cloth with hot water to minimize risk of being infested.  More conservatively, seal in an airtight plastic bag and place in a freezer for four days at 0°F

  Seal and store suitcases in plastic bags or a sealed container to keep isolated


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