The Importance of Fruit and Vegetable Wash

The Importance of Fruit and Vegetable Wash

The Importance of Fruit and Veggie Wash

You may call it Fruit and Vegetable Wash, or Fruit and Veggie Wash, but it’s all the same thing — it's an extremely important bottle that should sit next to your kitchen sink. 

Do you know what's found on the produce that you purchase at your grocery store?  Well, you may find Phosmet, an insecticide that kills bugs.  And Thiabendazole, an anti-fungal that prevents mold.  Bird poop may be sitting on your apple, too, and a host of other things that we'd rather not imagine. 

How to Use Fruit and Vegetable Wash 

Fruit and Vegetable Wash can safely clean your produce. We recommend Whyte Gate Farms Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash. Simply spray the Fruit and Veggie Wash onto your fruit or vegetable. Rub with your clean hands or a clean paper towel. And then rinse with water. This Fruit and Vegetable wash has no odor, no scent, and no color.  It is manufactured as naturally as possible.

Do You Need to Clean Organic Fruit?

You may believe that organic produce is free of harmful stuff – not true.  Organic fruit and vegetables are often covered in feces because organic farms use manure to help their crops thrive. 

Animals and insects also live on farms. You can’t escape the insect parts or animal droppings that fall on the produce as they are growing in nature.  So, cleaning all of your produce is important. Clean your organic produce just as you would your store bought produce.

Produce purchased in grocery stores and produce purchased at farmers markets all require your attention. A quick wash with Whyte Gate Fruit and Vegetable wash and a thorough rinse will ensure that you, your friends, and your family are eating produce that is clean.

About Whyte Gate

Whyte Gate Inc is a woman-owned business started in 2004. We manufacture natural and made in the USA products, including pet care, home care, and bed bug treatments.

If you're a fur parent, you may be interested in our natural pet shampoos. Your girl dog will smell divine after being bathed in Pretty Princess Dog Shampoo, and your male dog will smell lovely with the Tuff Guy Dog Shampoo. Or, if you have a cat, you'd love our Catnip Bath Wipes.

With Whyte Gate, you'll get: 

  • Natural products
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Biodegradable products whenever possible
  • Concentrated products 

Our shampoos, for example, are very concentrated, which means we're not wasting fuel by shipping water. Plus, you get your money's worth with a product that will last longer and be more effective.

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