Quiz: Is Your Cat's Coat Healthy?

Quiz: Is Your Cat's Coat Healthy?

Is Your Cat's Coat Healthy?

Determine if your cat's coat is healthy with our helpful quiz.

Your cat's hair and coat is a large predictor of their overall health. Have you noticed your cat is scratching more often, losing hair, or their coat has lost its shine? It might be a sign that there's an underlying health issue. We'll help you determine if your cat needs a health tune-up. If your cat has less less than optimal coat health, we can help you get back on track.

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The Results

Here's a breakdown of what your score means:

  • 0-60%. Your cat is displaying signs of poor coat health. This may be related to an underlying health issue.
  • Above 60%. Your cat has a shiny, healthy coat. Be sure to keep brushing your cat's hair daily, feed them a healthy diet, and watch out for any early symptoms.

There are 9 ways to keep your cat's coat healthy and reduce dander. Check out our tips for reducing cat dander and improving your cat's coat.

If your cat is elderly, obese, has excessive hairballs, or itchy skin, we recommend trying our Catnip Bath Wipes


How to Order

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  • Susan Yearsley: April 20, 2020

    These cat wipes are fantastic! My elderly cat is not in the best health, and had stopped grooming herself. Since I have been using these wipes she not only looks better but she seems to feel better too.

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