Is Catnip Safe for Cats and Kittens?

Is Catnip Safe for Cats and Kittens?


A member of the mint family, catnip is loved by both large and small cats. Catnip is also referred to as catmint, field balm, catwort. No matter what you call it, it's a fragrant herb that cats, lions, tigers, and panthers all love.

Cat owners typically ask us - is catnip safe? How much is a good amount? What does it mean if my cat doesn't like it? 

We answer all of these common questions in this article. Let's dive in.

What effect does catnip have on cats?

There's one chemical in catnip oil that cats love called nepetalactone. This ingredient is found in the plant's leaves, stems, and seeds. When a cat smells this chemical, they usually want to eat it. You'll notice they start licking, chewing, and rolling out of happiness.

Some cats are aggressively playful when they smell catnip. Others are mellow and calm. It depends on your cat's personality. 

How long do the effects of catnip last?

Though the effects can be intense, they're usually short-lived. It lasts about 10 minutes for most cats. 

Why doesn't my cat like catnip?

The overwhelming majority of cats like it, but if you find your cat doesn't it's due to genetics. Some cats are sensitive to catnip, but you won't find this out until your kitten is 3-6 months old typically.

How can I use catnip for my cat?

Most cat owners use catnip toys to entertain their cat. You can also use products like our Catnip Bath Wipes that allow you to clean your cat while letting your cat enjoy their favorite scent.

Is catnip a safe ingredient in products for cats? 

Yes! Catnip oil is a natural ingredient. We recommend making sure your cat isn't sensitive to it first, but once you know your cat enjoys it, you can give it to your cat as often as you'd like.

Catnip is a fun addition to your cat's life. You can buy catnip toys, cleansing wipes, or even catnip treats.


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