How to Remove Grease Stains

How to Remove Grease Stains


Grease stains are difficult to remove. Whether you're eating greasy food, touch an object with grease on it, or get messy while cooking, grease stains happen all the time. And they don't have to be difficult to remove. 

How to Remove a Grease Stain

It’s important to treat the stain as soon as possible! Remove the garment and spray Whyte Gate Laundry Stain Remover on the grease stain.  Our thick stain remover will cling to the stain. 

1. Make sure that you thoroughly soak the stain with the laundry stain remover.
2. Let the product work for an hour
3. Put the garment in your washing machine and press start
4. When the load is done, check the garment while it's still damp to ensure the stain is gone

Most cleaners work better when you give them time to work.  If you spray a stain and then toss the garment directly into the washing machine, then the water will rinse away the stain remover.  After an hour has passed, then toss the garment in your washing machine for laundering.  When the wash machine has stopped and your garment is still damp, check the stain. 

If you still have a stain, then spray the garment again with Whyte Gate Laundry Stain Remover and soak for another hour.  After this treatment, then you may rinse the garment with fresh water or wash it in your washing machine. 

Please make sure that the stain remover is fully rinsed out. Check out Whyte Gate Laundry Stain RemoverFree Shipping!

Treat the Grease Stain Quickly

Any grease stain that is treated quickly should be easy to remove.  A grease stain that is found in the bottom of the laundry pile after a month will be difficult to remove.  However, please try our tips above and you may be victorious in removing the stain.

Laundry and Our Ecosystem

Our company, Whyte Gate, believes in conserving our environment.  Taking care of our garments is one way that we as a group can conserve the resources of our planet.  Good quality garments that are well taken care of can last a long time.  Taking care of our clothing is one way to be a conservationist. 

Whyte Gate strives to manufacture cleaners that don’t harm the environment.  We use packaging that is recyclable.  We are also advocates for buying U.S. made goods.  Most of our packaging is made in the USA.  We are a woman-owned business nestled in the small town of Round Lake.

About Our Lead Chemist

Our lead chemist, John Manolas, has been creating natural household products for 35 years. If you've tried stain removers from giant corporations, then you may notice the difference in quality. Our product is concentrated, effective, and less expensive. John is a co-owner of Whyte Gate and believes in formulating products that are good for us and our environment.

We all have the ability to take action.  You can take action by taking care of your clothing and by using products that are safe for our world.  As they say, actions speak louder than words.  



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