How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs tend to invade homes during cold, winter months. They got their notorious name because stink bugs emit an odor if they're squished. In this article, we'll provide tips for how to eliminate stink bugs in your house (plus the number one way they enter!)

How Did Stink Bugs Get Inside?

Stink bugs most commonly enter through fireplaces. You'll likely notice more of them in rooms with chimneys. They can also enter through cracks in walls and floors, similar to ants and termites.

They often enter homes in large numbers, which makes them hard to control once they're inside. To ward off an infestation, we recommend doing the following:

Turn Off Outdoor Lights

Stink bugs, like most bugs, are attracted to light. During the evenings, turn off your outdoor house lights to avoid attracting pests from entering.

Check for leaking pipes or drains

Moisture build-up around your house can attract pest infestations. Make sure your pipes are all working properly and that there are no moisture sites around your house.

Store food in airtight containers

Be sure to cover food properly so you're not attracting pests.

Consider using screens over your chimney and attic vents

Stink bugs tend to enter through chimneys and attic vents. You can cover these areas with screens. Be sure to get proper ventilation in your basements, attic, garage, and crawl spaces.

Check your bags before entering the house

Often times, stink bugs will rest on your grocery bags or other bags and will be carried into your house. Stop to check your belongings before entering.

Regularly landscape

Keeping your yard trimmed and clean will help eliminate stink bugs on your property.

Clean weekly (whip out the vacuum)

One of the best ways to keep your house stink bug-free is to clean regularly. Vacuuming helps eliminate crumbs and can be used to eliminate stink bugs, just be sure to empty the bag after each use.

Do Stink Bugs Pose a Health Risk?

No, they do not pose a health risk. Although they're unsightly and can cause bad smells, your family is not directly in harm's way if you have stink bugs in your house.

Do Stink Bugs Bite?

Yes, but their bites are not poisonous. Stink bugs also emit a liquid when they're disturbed or threatened. In some cases, people experience a burning sensation where their skin came in contact with a stink bug's liquid.

Next Steps

Consider using organic home cleaners to keep your home clean every week. We offer a variety of products that help keep your home pest-free:


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