How to Get Rid of Flies

How to Get Rid of Flies


Today we'll learn how to get rid of flies both inside and outside your home without using toxic pesticides. This is a common summertime problem, but with these tips, it doesn't have to be a problem any longer.

How to Repel Flies

First, make sure all screens are free from holes and screens are installed on all windows and patio doors.  This allows fresh air in but not the pesky flies that are trying to find a way in.  A good trick to make your screens even more effective is to spray them from the inside with our Fly Away™ Citronella Based Flying Insect Repellent.  This unique product is a spray able gel so that it clings to surfaces allowing for extended efficacy.  Simply shake the bottle well and spray your screens from the inside facing outward.  Flies hate the smell of citronella and will not come anywhere near your windows or doors, making it unlikely that they will enter your home.

Second, if you keep your garbage bins in your garage or near your garage, keep the lids securely closed to avoid flies entering the bins.  Wash trash and recycle bins at the beginning of spring and again at the end of summer.  This is another great area to use Fly Away™.  Not only will it keep the flies away it will make your garage smell nice too.  Simply spray Fly Away™ once every week or two and keep flies away.

Lastly, make the outside of your home unfriendly to flies by inspecting areas where you think flies are congregating and eliminating them or moving them further from your house.  Some examples are animal droppings and feces, standing water, garbage, decaying plant materials, compost areas, and recycling bins.   Many of these areas can be treated with Fly Away™ because it’s safe to use on trees, plants, and any non-porous surface such as brick, patio furniture, sealed wood, plastic and concrete.

Greatest success is achieved by doing all of the above especially at the beginning of spring when flies begin to breed.   We have found that the more you do in the beginning of the season, the greater the success.  A combination of good housekeeping and utilizing a natural fly repellent will be your greatest weapons in the war with flies.

Fly Away™ is an EPA exempt natural flying insect repellent that contains citronella oil, water, and a proprietary thickener. It sprays like a liquid but clings like a gel making it great for vertical surfaces.  It’s safe to use around humans, pets and plants, and available exclusively on our website at


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