Homemade Bed Bug Killer - Is there a DIY solution?

Homemade Bed Bug Killer - Is there a DIY solution?

Once you find evidence of bed bugs in your home, DIY alternatives become increasingly alluring - take matters into your own hands to address the problem quickly and cheaply.  While you don't need to hire a professional to successfully eliminate bed bugs, you do need to be armed with the right toolkit at home.

We've done the research and these aren't worth your time:

  Essential Oils   

While high concentrations of certain essential oils can serve as a deterrent, they will not kill bed bugs in a high enough volume to eliminate an infestation.  

  Vinegar Spray

Vinegar spray is a hero of home cleaning, but leave this one behind when it comes to bed bugs.  

  Rubbing Alcohol 

Not only is this not worth your time, it's dangerous too.  The high concentrations of rubbing alcohol needed are harmful to your health and highly flammable. 

What does work?  

Best practice for bed bug elimination is a multi-strategy approach including monitoring, heat, freezing, and a bed bug spray safe for you and your family. Check out our Bed Bug Guide for a step by step checklist.    


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