How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs?

Whether you think you may have found a bed bug or you're taking a preventative measure searching for bed bug signs, this guide will help you know what you're looking for.  

Bed Bug Size Reference

(Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

Adult bed bugs are tiny - measuring 1/4" with flat bodies similar to an apple seed.  Since bed bugs only feed every 3-7 days for less than 10 minutes, it's more common to find evidence that they've been there rather than the bug themselves.  Common signs include: 

  • Tiny reddish brown stains from their excrement.

Bed Bug Stains

(Gary Alpert, Harvard University,

  • Their exoskeleton after molting.  These cast skins will be a transparent shell the size of a bed bug.

Bed Bug Exoskeleton

(Gary Alpert, Harvard University,

A first indicator of the presence of bed bugs can also be curious itchy red welts from their bites; however the reaction typically takes nearly 2 weeks to present after a first bite.

Bed Bug Bite

(Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

If you see any dark specs anywhere on the bed, take a photo with your camera and then zoom in. You might be surprised at what you see.

if you do suspect some type of pest get yourself a sprayer of bed bug spray and spray under the bed and around the bed. You don't truly need an exterminator, just an effective product to spray and kill the pests.

If you have found signs of bed bugs, please reference our Bed Bug Guide to conduct a thorough inspection and begin treatment.  



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