Best Christmas Gifts to Give Your Cat in 2019

Best Christmas Gifts to Give Your Cat in 2019

Best Christmas Gifts to Give Your Cat in 2019

The holiday season is here again! This year, we'll make sure your furry feline is happy and pampered. We compiled products from small businesses across America so your cat gets best-in-class products while you support the Shop Small movement.

Here's our favorite products in 2019: 

1. Whyte Gate Catnip Bath Wipes

Catnip Bath Wipes - Whyte Gate

It wouldn't be a Christmas list if we didn't include our very own Bestselling cat product. Our wipes are biodegradable and handcrafted in the US with natural ingredients, including catnip oil. It reduces dander, allergens, andmost important for your cat—hairballs!

Keep your cat clean in 2019, 2020, and beyond with these easy, head-to-tail wipes. We're proud to be featured in several other cat gift guides, including Sweet Catito's top gifts

Purchase here with free shipping!

2. Pawromatherapy Healing Gel

Healing Gel for Cats

This healing gel is great for your cat's allergies, rashes, abscesses, insect bites, wounds, dry skin, ringworm, fungus, dermatitis, burns, hairloss and other skin problems. Their natural formula is a holistic way to heal your cat's skin. Purchase here.

3. Plush Cat Sofa 

Cat Sofa

Made by a small business owner on Etsy, this cat bed is affordable, comfy, 100% cotton, and available in a variety of colors. Learn more about the store owner Sally and her store here.

Note: she offers a variety of cat beds at great prices!

4. The Purrfect Post

Scratching Post for Cats

Purrfect Post makes a variety of scratching posts - all made in the USA! This one is called the Purrfect Angle because it allows your cat to scratch horizontally, upright, or at a downward angel. They call it a "definite kitty yoga prop." Shop here.

5. The Cat Connection Mouse Toys

Cat Mouse Toys

These toys are made from natural rabbit fur and deer hide, making it irresistible for your kitty. Cat owners have reported back that their cats play with this toy for hours. Shop here.

6. The Cat Connection SlimCat Feeder Ball

Cat Feeding Ball

If your cat loves to eat, maybe even a little too much, this is the perfect toy for them. It dispenses an adjustable amount of kibble and treats, all you have to do is pick how much you want to give them! It's a fun source of play and exercise that helps your cat maintain a healthy weight. Show now.

7. Personalized Bamboo Feeder

Personalized Cat Feeder

This cute feeder stand is a fun and convenient addition to your cat's feeding routine. It's made from bamboo and can be personalized with your cat's name on the front. Show here.

8. Cat Condos Playhouse

Cat Condo

This cat condo was handcrafted in the US, stands 64 inches tall, and features multiple lounge areas. This is perfect for playful cats, and cats that want some privacy. There's minimal assembly needed and it's built with quality materials, such as wood and household carpet. Learn more here.

Why Shop Small? 

The companies and products featured in this post are all small businesses that craft their products in the USA. We hand selected them because they share the same values that we do: to help small businesses thrive in the US while providing top-notch products for your families, pets, and the environment.

As consumers, we have the power to purchase gifts 💳 that reflect our values. We know how much you love your cat, so treat them well this holiday season with some amazing products they'll enjoy!

Happy holidays 🎁




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