9 Ways to Reduce Cat Dander

9 Ways to Reduce Cat Dander

Cat dander affects 33% of the households in America. It’s made up of hair and dead skin cells, and it impacts air quality, triggers allergic reactions, and settles into carpet, furniture, and clothing. This can create an odor in your home, and, it’s especially important to mitigate if you have small children or family members with asthma or allergies. If you have allergies, even if they’re slight, you’ll notice irritated eyes, itchy skin, and a runny nose.


We’ll cover how to reduce dander so your home has better air quality, your family’s health is improved, and your home will smell fresh. Here are our top 9 ways to reduce dander:

#1 Give your cat high-quality food

Cats with poor diets shed dander more often. To improve your cat’s coat, make sure their diet is rich with omega-3 fatty acids. If your cat’s food doesn’t already have this, you can also give them cat fish oil supplements.


#2 Clean your cat weekly

Does your cat not like baths? They’re not alone. Luckily, you can clean your cat without water. We recommend our Catnip Bath Wipes - it’s an original formula using natural ingredients such as catnip oil, oatmeal, jojoba oil, chamomile extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E. You simply wipe your cat to clean them and they’ll love the catnip! You can test it out with free shipping today.

#3 Brush your cat daily

Brushing your cat reduces the amount of hair they shed into your environment and only takes a few minutes every day. Be sure to pay close attention to your cat’s back, which they may have a hard time cleaning themselves, especially if your cat is older, overweight, or has certain health issues. This tip is especially helpful if you own a long-haired cat.

 Clean your cat’s bedding, accessories, and toys regularly

The majority of dander in your house is where you cat lives: in their bed and with their toys. If you cat spends time on your couches and beds then their will be ample amounts of dander there, too.

#5 Vacuum Regularly

Regularly cleaning your home is a must-have for any household, but this is especially important if you own a cat or dog. Wash your sheets if your pet sleeps in bed, launder your clothes weekly, and vacuum weekly, too. Vacuuming reduces dander, allergens, and dirt in your air. This is important if you have small children who are crawling and playing on your floors.

#6 Consider switching from carpet to hardwoods

Carpet and furniture that’s covered in fabric more easily absorbs dander from the air. Dander stays on your furniture and flooring unless you vacuum. When these materials are rustled or moved, the dander will re-enter the air and can trigger an allergic reaction or cause poor breathing, especially for those with asthma. Although switching to hardwoods is an expensive move, it can pay off over the long-term if it means your family has better air quality and therefore improved quality of life.

#7 Keep pets off bedding and couches, or clean these places regularly

As mentioned earlier, bedding and couches is a common surface that holds pet dander, especially if you allow your pets on them. While I’m a fan of allowing pets on my bed and couch, it’s a helpful way to reduce how much dander your family regularly comes into contact with. The most impactful place is your bed, since you stay in it for approximately eight hours every day!

#8 Use preventative treatment to avoid fleas and ticks

We recommend using a monthly preventative treatment, such as Frontline, to reduce the chance of your cat having fleas or ticks. Fleas and ticks pose a health risk, not just for your cats, but for your family. Plus, when your cat has fleas, they’re more likely to scratch their skin and chew their hair, which leads to more dander.

When it comes to dander and taking care of your cat’s health, both require preventative strategies! The best time to apply flea and tick preventative treatment is right after bathing your cat and best used once per month.

#9 Use stain and odor remover

One of the main reasons that cat owners worry about dander is the odor it causes in their home. Odor is often caused by a combination of dander, urine, and other pet-related spills. Simply pour the solution on your carpet or surface, let soak, and absorb with paper towels.

Next Steps

We know you’re a cat parent who works hard to keep your pet happy and healthy. Fortunately, reducing dander in your home is a win-win for you and your pet! Brushing your cat daily, cleaning your home regularly, bathing your cat with catnip (yes, it’s a real thing!), and giving your cat a nutritional diet means your cat will be happier and healthier over the long term - and so will you!  

To learn more about our natural, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly products, you can shop here, or reach out to ask us any questions.


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